Beta: Last Push of Features & Fixes

Discussion in 'Development Blog' started by Hansrutger, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. Hansrutger

    Hansrutger Developer Staff Member Developer

    • Implemented a fully working MDC for factions with the "MDC"-permission (/mdc).
    • Implemented a simple APB for factions with the permission enabled.
    • Implemented a charge system within the MDC where LEO's can put multiple charges at the same time in order to make it easier.
    • Added three drug types: cocaine, marijuana and meth.
    • Added the possibility to grow your own marijuana and will be the only way (for the time being) to obtain marijuana - official factions cannot buy marijuana, instead they buy seeds.
    • While smoking marijuana inside a vehicle with closed windows, everyone in the vehicle receives a minor marijuana effect.
    • Added a DMV with three license types: general (cars), motorbike (bikes) and commercial (trucks).
    • Added a firearm license that can be issued and revoked with given commands, as well as any other license that was implemented.
    • Added a way for official factions to order weapons and drugs illegally.
    • Added a trucker "job" that acts like a faction permission. This faction job provides product stocks to businesses so they can keep selling their products.

    • Fixed the issue with ban when attempting to end tutorial with a gun in hand and inventory.
    • Fixed incorrect world and interior when spawning first time.
    • Fixed some design flaws with tickets.
    • Fixed so that weapons now store serial numbers after being dropped on the ground and/or picked up form the ground.

    Important! As a lot of changes have been made, the database has been cleared out and will be once again before release, although we are approaching that rather faster and faster!
  2. BBM

    BBM Active Member Police

    I liked the MDC !

    But how do i order Weapons/Drugs in factions ?
  3. Glo

    Glo Head of Advisor Staff Member Admin Faction Management Team Fire & Rescue

    Call the dealer.
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  4. OGBishop

    OGBishop Community Adviser Adviser

  5. Hansrutger

    Hansrutger Developer Staff Member Developer

    Thanks, and it's just /order. I kept it simple so it would be implemented faster.
  6. Kuroen

    Kuroen Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Awesome, can't wait for the release!
  7. BBM

    BBM Active Member Police

    IT should be written in /help faction though, Just a small suggestion :p
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  8. Byzantine

    Byzantine New Member

    still staying updated.
  9. Hal

    Hal New Member

    Looking forward to it like.
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